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Buy Resident Permits Online. If you are planning to move to a foreign country, you have to qualify for Resident Permits. This document will grant you the right to seek employment, acquire properties, and set up businesses for a certain period of time legally. In other words, it’s a status that will allow you to start all over again. At, we can help you obtain your Resident Permits so that you enjoy an extended stay in the country you want. With us, you can:
choose between temporary and Permanent Resident Permits;
become a citizen of almost any country, including the EU ones and the United States;
make use of all the benefits of Resident Permits (in case you apply for this type of permit);
get a right to reside in a foreign country – no matter what your country of citizenship is.

Buy Resident Permits Online

Resident Permits are document that allows you to live in the country for up to five years, depending on the conditions for obtaining it. Resident Permits status must be renewed periodically in order to maintain it.

Resident Permits usually gives the right to come to the country at any time, buy real estate, take out health insurance, enroll children in kindergarten or school. If we are talking about a residence permit in an EU country, this status will also allow you to stay in other Schengen countries without a visa for up to 90 days every six months.

Most ways to obtain Resident Permits are associated with the observance of certain conditions such as marriage, work or study. To maintain the status, you will need to live in the country for more than 183 days a year but with us, you can get it within 10 days.

A fast track to Resident Permits is offered by government programs for investors that operate in several countries of the European Union. In exchange for investment, a foreigner goes through a simplified procedure for obtaining and extending a residence permit. But with us, you can get your Resident Permits without any 7 to 10 days.

A residence permit for an investor is often called a “golden visa”, because the document opens free entry to the European Union. We also offer these services. It is often received by all members of the investor’s family. There are preferential conditions for renewal, for example, you do not need to live in the country permanently.

In some European countries, it is possible to obtain a residence permit by confirming financial independence. For example, wealthy people can get a residence permit in Austria. However, the procedure for obtaining a status in this case is more complicated and time‑consuming. It is important to submit documents on time because the number of quotas is limited. You will need to buy or rent housing and confirm your knowledge of the German language at conversational level.

Residence permits for a financially independent person does not usually give a foreigner the right to work and conduct business in the country. You can only receive passive income like renting out apartments. This type of residence permit is suitable if the property does not meet the conditions for a golden visa: it was purchased before the launch of the program or costs less than the minimum amount.

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