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Buy Utah Driver License Online. The following information below is the Utah driver’s education requirements you will need to follow in order to get your license.

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      Utah Driver License

      Buy Utah Driver License and ID Card


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      Buy Utah Driver License

      Buy Utah Driver License Online. The following information below is the Utah driver’s education requirements you will need to follow in order to get your license.

      Getting an Utah Driver License

      As of July 1, 2012 anyone younger than 19 years of age in Utah must complete an approved driver’s education program before being licensed to drive.

      Persons over the age of 19 now may forgo driver’s education provided they:

      • obtain and hold a Utah learner’s permit for no less than 90 days
      • complete 40 hours of practice driving (10 of which should be at night)
      • complete and pass a road test at either a Utah Driver License Division office or with a private third party tester.

      For your convenience, the following how-to guide will be broken into segments noting the different requirements for drivers based on their age. Requirements for international drivers and new Utah residents can be viewed below in the sections International Drivers and New Utah Residents.

      Step One: Getting a Learner’s Permit

      All unlicensed drivers, new to the state of Utah or otherwise, must first obtain a learner’s permit before attempting the state road test. Learner’s permits may be issued to all eligible, potential drivers over the age of 15.

      To receive a learner’s permit you must:

      • Appear at a Utah Driver License office (click here to see a map of DLD locations)
      • Complete a learner’s permit application
      • Provide proof of birth, social security number, and residence. (Click here to see a list and photos of approved documentation)
      • Pass a 50 question written test (click here for a practice test!)
      • Pass an eye test
      • Complete a medical questionnaire
      • Pay the permit fee of $15

      Notes: a parent or guardian must accompany and sign for persons under the age of 18. Buy Utah Driver License and ID Card

      Learner Permit Entitlements and Restrictions:

      If you are younger than 18 years of age:

      • Only operate a motor vehicle if an approved driving instructor or licensed parent/guardian is in the seat beside the applicant.
      • Other passengers are allowed in the vehicle
      • You must have the permit in your immediate possession while driving!

      If you are older than 18 years of age:

      • Only operate a motor vehicle if a person 21 years of age or older, who is licensed, is in the seat beside the applicant.
      • You must have the permit in your immediate possession while driving!

      Step Two: The Driver’s Education Process

      Anyone younger than 19 years of age must complete an approved driver education program before being licensed to drive in the state of Utah.

      Persons over the age of 19 may also wish to complete driver education as a preparation for the road or to avoid the necessity of waiting 90 days after being issued their permit to obtain a driver’s license.

      During driver education, a student will be required to complete a classroom, home study, or online course as well as participate in 12 hours of in-car training. Six hours will be actual driving with an instructor, the other six will be observing another student drive.

      Upon completion of the course, a student will receive a certificate and is eligible to take the final road test at either a Driver License Division office or with a third-party tester.

      Note: The certificate of completion is not a license to drive!

      Step Three: Take Online Test

      Effective January 1st, 2016

      Any person getting a first time original license will be required to pass a 50 question online test before obtaining their license. It will be an open book exam regarding fatal crashes.

      They can find the information at They must pass 100% BUT can take the test as many times as needed. The information will be in this year’s Driver License handbook.

      If you have finished all of the requirements necessary for you to obtain a Utah driver’s license (driver’s ed, testing, etc.), please be sure to complete the test BEFORE you go to the Driver License Division to pick up the license or you will be turned away. Buy Utah Driver License and ID Card

      Driver License Testing Amendments

      Step Four: The Final Road Test

      All potential Utah drivers who have not previously been licensed elsewhere must complete a road test with either the State (at one of several Driver License Division offices) or with a State-approved third-party road tester.

      While testing for general knowledge of road rules, speed limits, and safe driving, your tester will also have you complete the following five mandatory skill maneuvers:

      1. Backing in a straight line
      2. Parallel Parking
      3. U-Turn
      4. Three-Point Turn
      5. Hill Parking (may be uphill, downhill, or both)

      Some things to remember while taking your test:

      1. Many people fail their test automatically by exhibiting one or more of the following bad habits:
        • Rolling Stops
        • Missing Head Checks (checking your blind spot when turning, changing lanes, etc.)
        • Speeding

        …to name just a few.

      2. Be sure your tester properly explains the results of your test before signing it!
      3. Don’t be afraid to ask the tester any questions you may have BEFORE starting the test. Once the test has begun they will not be able to answer any questions regarding speed limits, how to complete maneuvers, etc
      4. If you are testing in your own car, make sure you have working signals, head and taillights, brake lights, and are properly insured (link).
      5. Relax! It has been our experience that nerves account for as much as half of all failed tests. Take a minute to breathe and get your jitters out before the test. Buy Utah Driver License

      Upon completing a road test with a passing score, your tester will give you instructions on where and how to receive a temporary (paper) license until the official card comes in the mail.

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      Package list

      • Scannable Utah Driver License

      Photo Guide Note:

      • Make sure its in a bright room, of course, if you go to the store and purchase a light blue poster board. they will make your resulting utah fake ids look 100% better than if we have to photoshop the background ourselves.
      • Look at your ID photo in your real IDs. The photo is taken from directly ahead of you. With a flash, and the shadow (if any) is behind your head. Take a photo similar to that. No selfies, webcams or low quality pics.
      • Wear your hair neat and tidy. Try to minimize “flyaway” hairs. Wear contrasting clothing (If you’re on a blue wall do not wear blue, wear dark colors if you are against a light background and light if you are against a darker background) No sunglasses or regular glasses. Stand straight-on, do not take a pic from the side.
      • Your photo needs to look exactly like a real DMV photo. Please do not send us passport photo scans. We need high quality photos.
      • Do not take your photo against a wrinkled sheet or a textured wall.
      • Please make sure the image you’re uploading is a .jpg, or a .png and make sure they’re lowercase which might help.

      You can find all the necessary information to place an order for a driving license below:
      Your surname:
      Your given names:
      Your sex (M or F):
      Your date and place of birth:
      License class:
      Your address:
      License number (optional):
      Date of issue and expiration (optional):
      Written signature in digital format (black ink, white background, high resolution):
      Your photo in digital format (color, white background, high resolution):
      Any additional information:
      Please fill in the form above and attach the required pictures and send the e-mail to [email protected] to proceed with your order.

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