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Buy ID Card of Mexico

Buy ID Card of Mexico Online, We are an apparent office to get an ID Card of Mexico. Our embellishments have guaranteed specialization in creation the best quality ID Card of Mexico.

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    Buy ID Card of Mexico


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      Buy ID Card of Mexico

      Buy ID Card of Mexico


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      Buy ID Card of Mexico

      Buy ID Card of Mexico Online, We are an apparent office to get an ID Card of Mexico. Our embellishments have guaranteed specialization in creation the best quality ID Card of Mexico.

      What is a matrícula consular card?

      The Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad (MCAS) (Consular Identification Card) is an identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices to Mexican nationals residing outside of Mexico. Also known as the Mexican CID card, it has been issued since 1871. The issue of the card has no bearing on immigration status in the foreign country they are residing in. The purpose of the card is to demonstrate that the bearer is a Mexican national living outside of Mexico. It includes a Government of Mexico issued ID number and bears a photograph and address outside of Mexico of the Mexican National to whom it is issued.

      Use in the United States

      The matrícula consular can be a valuable identification card for Mexicans living in the United States. Several U.S. states, municipalities, and businesses accept the card as an official form of identification. In fact, many financial institutions accept the card as a valid proof of identification.

      Mexican nationals can use a matrícula consular to obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) in order to pay federal income taxes. Several states also honor the card for the purpose of obtaining a driver’s license.

      Therefore, both lawfully present and undocumented immigrants may use the matrícula consular for identification purposes. However, the card does not confer any U.S. immigration status on the person to whom it is issued.

      How to Apply for a Matrícula Consular

      To obtain a matrícula consular card, a Mexican citizen must apply in person at a Mexican consulate in the United States. The applicant will pay a fee (currently $33) and should take the following three items:

      • Evidence of Mexican Nationality

        You’ll need to submit proof of your Mexican nationality with an original document. Examples of acceptable documents include: Mexican birth certificate, declaration of Mexican nationality by birth, naturalization letter, or valid Mexican passport.

      • Proof of Identity

        You will also need to present an original photo identification that matches the nationality document above. Examples of acceptable documents include but are not limited to: Mexican voting credential, Mexican military ID, naturalization letter, driver’s license (Mexican or any U.S. state), or U.S. green card.

      • Evidence of Address

        Submit original proof of your association with an address in the consular district. The address should include all components of a U.S. address including the street name and number, city, state and postal code.

      At the appointment, consular officials will obtain a digital photograph and fingerprint. Appointments can be lengthy, often a couple of hours. However, the consulate issues the matrícula consular card at the end of the appointment.

      Validity of the Consular ID Card

      The card is valid for a duration of five years. At the time of expiration, you may renew if you continue to live in the same consular district. Visit the consulate with addition evidence of your address and a new fee.

      Make the key advances not to be stunned concerning where to purchase an ID Card of Mexico. Our office is dependably there to help every one of you the time. Gather as one with our strong office and get your ID card in a more unassuming period direct at your doorstep. No acquiescence will be made by us!

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