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Buy ID Card Of Croatia Online,  We are a veritable office to get an ID Card Of Croatia. Our embellishments have obtained a specialization in making the best quality ID Card Of Croatia.

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      ID Card Of Croatia

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      Buy ID Card Of Croatia

      Buy ID Card Of Croatia Online,  We are a veritable office to get an ID Card Of Croatia. Our embellishments have obtained a specialization in making the best quality ID Card Of Croatia.

      If you plan to apply for a national ID Card Of Croatia for the first time, you’re probably wondering where to start.

      Before we get started, this post is only for citizens of Croatia. If you are not a citizen of Croatia and need an ID card, you must first apply for residency. Head on over here.

      Every person older than 18 with residence in Croatia must possess an ID card. It is called “osobna iskaznica” or “osobna” for short. An ID card is legal proof of your

      • Identity
      • Croatian citizenship,
      • Gender,
      • Date of birth
      • Address
      • Residence status.

      In this post, we cover:

      The facts are these…

      What is an electronic ID card

      In Croatia, new national electronic ID cards were implemented starting from August 2021. Electronic ID cards include biometric identifiers that refer to face view and fingerprints of both forefingers.

      The electronic ID card has a built-in electronic chip that can contain 2 types of electronic certificates:

      1. Identification certificate – It is used for electronic confirmation of your identity and electronic services usage. You can use your electronic ID Card Of Croatia to access the e-Građani web application.
      2. Signature certificate – It is used as the electronic version of your signature. You can use an electronic ID card to verify your documents online.

      New electronic ID cards are valid for 5 years from the day of issue. For persons older than 70 years, the validity is 40 years.

      Who can apply for the ID card

      Every person with Croatian citizenship can get a Croatian ID card. This means that you can get an ID card even if you don’t have a residence in Croatia and live abroad. [Read: Available visas and residence permits for Croatia]

      If you do not live in Croatia but hold citizenship, you may apply for a national ID card using your foreign address. However, in this scenario, the ID will not be proof of residence.

      Persons with prebivalište in Croatia older than 16 who have permission from the court to get married are now obligated to have ID cards.

      Parents are allowed to submit requests and take over ID cards for their children.

      Where to apply for an ID card

      You must apply for an ID card at the administrative police station closest to your permanent residence address (called “prebivalište”) or to your temporary address (“boravište”) in Croatia. Embassies and consulates aren’t allowed to issue osobna iskaznica.

      Didn’t know you could have two addresses in Croatia? Yup. That is a thing. Here is an explanation.

      • Prebivalište is your permanent address, where you get communication from the government
      • Boravište is a temporary or occasional address where you may live for 3 or more months, which may include:
        • Where you are staying while you’re away at school
        • Where you are staying abroad
        • Where you are staying while doing temporary work in another city

      You are required to register both with the government. However, it is not uncommon to only register the prebivalište.

      [Read: Prebivalište or boravište – two addresses that must be registered with the police]

      You can find the list of all administrative police stations here and easily find out where you have to go.

      For citizens living abroad, you can go to any police station in Croatia to apply for an ID card.

       How to apply for an ID card


      Step #1 Collect the documentation

      When applying for an osobna, the first step is to collect the required documentation.

      You must bring the following documentation with you to the police station.

      Proof of payment

      The fees for the cost of the procedure are as follows:

      • Regular procedure (ID card is ready within 30 days) – 100 kuna
      • Accelerated procedure (ID card is ready within 10 days) – 195 kuna
      • Urgent procedure (ID card is ready within 3 days) – 500 kuna
      • People older than 70 – 70 kuna

      The ID card for children and people younger than 18 is free of charge if they use the regular procedure and have a residence in Croatia.

      Proof of identity

      You must enclose one of the following documents that prove your identity:

      • Old ID card
      • Other legal document with a picture
      • Parent’s statement for children without any identity document


      The color photography must be of sizes 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm.

      There are usually photo shops near each police station where you can pick up some photos in the correct size for around 100 kuna. Tell them that you need to take a picture for osobna iskaznica.

      If you received a Croatian biometric passport within the last 5 years, you don’t have to enclose your photo. It will be taken from the system. An exception is if your look has drastically changed, and then a new photo will be required. Buy ID Card Of Croatia

      Make the key advances not to be confounded concerning where to purchase an ID Card Of Croatia. Our office is profitably here to help every one of you the time. Gather as one with our strong office and get your ID card in a traditionalist period direct at your doorstep. No yields will be made by us!

      You can find all necessary information to place an order for an ID card below:

      Your surname:
      Your given name:
      Your sex (M or F):
      Your date and place of birth:
      Your address:
      Date of issue (optional):
      Your Weight (optional):
      Your Height (optional):
      Your Eye color (optional):
      Your Hair color (optional):
      Written signature in digital format (black ink, white background, high resolution):
      Your photo in digital format (color, white background, high resolution):
      Any additional information:
      Please fill in the form above, attach the required pictures and send a request to [email protected] to proceed with your order.
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